Dave Birnbaum: From Silicon Valley to Bitcoin


by The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast on 24 May 2023

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This week we're joined by Dave Birnbaum, Director of Product at the Bitcoin-only app, Coinbits. Before Dave went full time into bitcoin, he spent many years working for multiple technology companies in Silicon Valley.

We discuss:

  • How Dave discovered bitcoin through working in the technology sector
  • Gold vs bitcoin
  • The bitcoin industry as a whole and the types of people it attracts
  • How to orange pill others
  • The future of the world on a bitcoin standard
  • The products Coinbits is building
  • Bitcoin privacy

Dave’s Twitter - https://twitter.com/contrarymo 

Coinbits Twitter - https://twitter.com/coinbitsapp 

Coinbits website - https://coinbits.app/ 

Bitcoin Reserve's Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCreserveHQ 

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