Endi Zekaj: Professional Soccer Player Turned Bitcoin Educator


by The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast on 15 May 2023

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This week we're joined by Endi Zekaj, A Norwegian retired professional soccer player turned bitcoiner. After ending his soccer career, Endi went full-time into bitcoin and recently founded his own bitcoin consultancy company - The Bitcoin Way.

We discuss:

  • Life as a professional soccer player
  • How bitcoin influenced his choices
  • The ins and outs of the Norwegian bitcoin space
  • Why millionaires are leaving Norway in hordes
  • Common bitcoin FUD
  • How The Bitcoin Way got started and what they're doing

Endi's Twitter - https://twitter.com/ZekajEndi

The Bitcoin Way Twitter - https://twitter.com/thebitcoinway_

Bitcoin Way website - https://thebitcoinway.com/
Bitcoin Reserve's Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCreserveHQ 

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