Ivan Makedonski: Why Everyone Needs Financial Sovereignty


by The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast on 21 Jun 2023

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This week we're joined by Ivan Makedonski, Chief of staff at the bitcoin company, Breez Wallet.

We discuss:

  • The tragic life event that lead Ivan towards bitcoin.

  • The inevitability of hyperbitcoinization

  • Why bitcoin is a superior form of money

  • How bitcoin enables financial sovereignty

  • Bitcoin within the geopolitical sphere

Ivan's twitter - https://twitter.com/Nackoo2000

Ivan's Nostr - npub18jp8mdkytalxyg06zxdevpzwkxjpy9r2rat8gapgwnmmyejp3lps7edjnx 

Breez Wallet's twitter - https://twitter.com/Breez_Tech


Bitcoin Reserve's Twitter: https://twitter.com/BTCreserveHQ 

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