Marko Benovic: Living Through Hyperinflation


by The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast on 04 Apr 2023

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Marko Benovic is the founder of Inevitable BTC. A consultancy company that helps individuals and companies adopt a bitcoin standard. Marko was born and raised in former Yugoslavia and tells the mind-boggling story of how he experienced rampant hyperinflation in his childhood. The Bitcoin Reserve team and Marko discuss:

  • Hyperinflation in former Yugoslavia
  • The impact of inflation on people and society
  • How reading "The Bitcoin Standard" popped the bubble of his education as a Keynesian economist
  • Bitcoin adoption in former Yugoslav countries
  • Malinvestment under the fiat monetary standard
  • The road to hyperbitcoinization
  • Common bitcoin FUD Marko encounters in his consultancy work
  • The challenges of orange pilling the next generation of bitcoiners


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