NVK: Bitcoin & The Cyber-Pandemic


by The Bitcoin Reserve Podcast on 13 Feb 2023

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NVK is the CEO of Coinkite, one of the world's oldest companies developing bitcoin solutions. He joins the Bitcoin Reserve Podcast to discuss:

  • How a cyber-pandemic relates to bitcoin
  • Using bitcoin without internet
  • Sending a bitcoin transaction with amateur radio, satellite communications, SMS, Sneakernet, and more
  • Running a node through a satellite connection
  • What could the future of self-custody look like?
  • What is TAPSIGNER?
  • What is SATSCARD?


Coinkite website: https://coinkite.com/

NVK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nvk 

NVK’s speech: Decentralized Communication

Panel discussion: Bitcoin Without Internet

Article: Can Bitcoin Survive An Apocalypse?


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